DIY Sliding Door Manual You Will Ever Need

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DIY Sliding Door Manual You Will Ever Need

Is your sliding door giving you a headache? Losing sleep over the foggy sliding door? Can’t figure out how to winterize a sliding patio door? Before you consider replacing your entire sliding door, check out our comprehensive DIY sliding door manual which is a quick reference guide to the most common sliding door jobs.

Ready for some troubleshooting? Great, let’s go.

#1 How to remove the sliding door from the track?

Simply keep the door in tracks and tilt it up as if you’re pushing it into the upper tracks. This should give you a little space at the lower part. While holding the door with both hands from the middle pull it gently but firmly.

Depending on the make and type of your door you might need to use a screwdriver to loosen the screws at the bottom rollers adjusters a bit.

You might also want to enlist the help of a friend because the door could be too heavy. And make sure the kids are away.

Pro Tip: take a lot of pictures before you start working just to know how it originally looked like.

#2 How to put in a sliding door

Push the upper part of the door into the upper track frame. Once you’re sure it’s secured in its tracks, proceed with angling the lower part into place.

A flat screwdriver will help give a little extra push from the bottom to lift the door up. Preferably, use the screwdriver to push up from the wheels/rollers adjusters side. So, you lift the door at the same time.

Most important: ensure the rollers are tucked on the tracks. Also, tighten the screws as much as you can.

Pro Tip: Be gentle. Don’t try to “muscle” it out.

#3 How to replace the sliding door lock

First, just use a screwdriver to unscrew the latch. Usually, there is one screw at the top and another to the bottom. There might be a third one holding the lock itself.

Once you have the look outside, take it to your local hardware store so you can get the exact model.

Often, you don’t need to replace the knobs and handles just the lock.

Pro Tip: Take particular care of the dimensions.

#4 How to fix a broken seal on sliding glass door

Unfortunately, you can’t fix a broken seal. You need to replace it.

Just remove the door and clean the old, broken seal with a putty knife. Or just scrap it away with a flat head screwdriver.

Once the old seal is removed, start applying the new sealing according to the instructions on the package. Put the door back and you’re good as new.

Pro Tip: Always use high quality and safe sealing materials.

#5 How to fix foggy sliding glass door

Although this is a temporary solution, it works and will give you some extra usage time.

You just have to drill a hole in the gasket. And then you either spray the hole with calcium oxide or another desiccant to allow moisture to escape. Another option is to install a valve in the hole to suck away the moisture and block it from returning.

Pro Tip: For a permanent solution, contact a professional…

#6 How to fix a sliding patio door lock

If something is broken in the lock there’s little you can do. So, it’s best to replace it. Otherwise, you might need to tighten loose screws, oil the lock from the inside (few drops should do the trick), or realign the lock with the door frame.

Pro Tip: Always prefer to replace a lock, this will save you future hassle

#7 How do you clean sliding glass door tracks

For a thorough cleaning, you need to remove the door first.

Next, you need to vacuum the tracks to suck any sand particles stuck in there. If you see any rust use a steel wool to remove it.

If you see any dirt, use a toothbrush to remove it.

Pro Tip: Preform this at leaste once in a year, preferbly after the summer

#8 How to repair sliding door track

You don’t always need to remove the tracks yourself. But you might need to remove the door.

If you lubricate the tracks using a silicon-based lubricant, and the problem still persists, you should ask for professional help. That is if the tracks are damaged beyond repair.

Pro Tip: It is better to consult a professinal in this case, to avoid additional damage


#9 How to replace patio door glass

Carefully, remove the door from the tracks. Use a screwdriver to pull out the rubber that holds the Glass in place.

Then, you need to unscrew the left (or right) frame so you can put the new piece of glass. A glass shop can cut, trim, and deliver the Glass. Always remember to take accurate measures (including extra shoulders space) of the replacement glass.

Also, use a vacuum cleaner to clear any tiny pieces of glass that might be stuck inside the door’s frames.

Pro Tip: always wear gloves and protective goggles when working with glass.

#10 How to adjust the sliding glass door wheels/rollers

Use a screwdriver to readjust the rollers/wheels through the readjustment mechanism at the bottom frame.

Turn the screw either counterclockwise or clockwise until you get the right alignment. Sometimes, you can find the readjustment screw behind plastic plugs. Look closely.

Pro Tip: Never tighten the adjustment screw too much

#11 How to remove the sliding patio door panel

You can remove the panel from your sliding patio door by first removing the door from its tracks.

Using a screwdriver you can unscrew one side of the frames. And then you can easily pull out the panel.

Pro Tip: Collect all the scerws in one place and don’t tighten scerws too much

#12 How to lubricate sliding glass patio doors

Remove the door, and clean the tracks using a petroleum-based lubricant. Afterward, spray your silicon-based lubricant on a used piece of cloth and wipe the tracks.

Give extra attention to a cracked surface (might rust in the future). In case there is rust has already developed, use the silicon-based spray and a scraper/metal brush to take away the rust.

Pro Tip: This will work best if your door is already in good shape.

#13 How to fix a sliding screen door off track

For a quick repair, just remove the door and put it back. Take care to push the door up so it’s inside the upper tracks.

Gently push the door inside so it aligns with the lower tracks.

Make sure the rollers are mounted within the lower tracks. While the door is off, clean the tracks to remove any grime or oil.

Pro Tip: When the door is back in track, tilt & slide it gentely, back and forth to adjust it correctly.

#14 How to seal a leaking exterior sliding door

If the seal is broken, you should replace it.

Use a flat head screwdriver and remove the staples that attach the sealing to the door.

Install the new sealing an according to the given directions in the package.

Pro Tip: Make sure to take accurate seal measures before you purchase one

#15 how to change sliding door rollers

Unscrew the rollers using a screwdriver. Install the new rollers in place and tighten them.

Put the door back and use the adjustment screw to realign it.

Pro Tip: Make sure the rollers you purchase, fit to the type of your sliding door

#16 How to adjust the sliding door

To adjust your sliding door use the adjustment screw at the lower frame. When you turn the screw clockwise it will lower the rollers and lift the door, counterclockwise will lower both the rollers and the door.

Pro Tip: Use a bit of silicon based lubricant incase you have difficulties moving the screw.

#17 How to winterize a sliding patio door

Winterizing your sliding patio door involves cleaning the tracks, installingreplacing weather strips, and weather proofing. You might want to read more about it by checking out our detailed sliding patio door weather proofing guide.

Pro Tip: Winterizing your exterior sliding doors will save you a lot on energy bills

#18 What to do with the old sliding door?

Have you tried everything with no luck? We’ve provided you with time-tested methods to fix the most common problems of sliding patio doors in this DIY manual.

If you still have a problem with your sliding door, then it’s time to enlist the help of a professional. Call or email us, we’re happy to inspect and fix the problem for you in no time.

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